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India is a big country. Every nook and corner of it is filled with loads of attractions. Be it big cities or small towns and villages, there is always something that draws people from all over to come and see them. Few Indian cities are known for their vibrancy whereas there are others that steal people's heart with their sheer simplicity and tranquility. Some Indian cities are known for their age old culture while others for their modernity and development. Moreover, there are cities that are high on the list of shoppers and gourmets.

Due to their distinct characters, there are places which still retain the old-world flavor; there are some which have been completely modernized while there are many that feature a heady mix of both the old and the new. The Indian sub continent contains 28 states and 7 union territories and is home to 1.2 billion people. With close to 300 cities, India has numerous districts, towns and villages. The population of a place determines whether it constitutes a city, town or village.

The cities of India are

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