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Colorful and lively, the fairs and festivals of India are major attractions of the country. Reflecting the vibrant culture of the country, these events occupy a prime place in the India. The culture of India is aptly reflected through its numerous festivals and fairs. Bringing out the true spirit of the Indian people and their society, the Indian festivals find their roots in the traditions, religious beliefs, myths and the seasons of the country.

The fairs and festivals either celebrate the change of seasons or are of a religious nature. For instance, Mewar Festival and Holi are celebrated to mark the coming of the spring season. Teej of Rajasthan marks the onset of the monsoon. On the other hand, Onam in Kerala and Bihu in Assam are celebrated to mark the harvesting season. Other festivals, like the Konark Dance Festival, promote the culture of India. A large number of fairs are also held in India from time to time. People from far and wide come to take part in these fairs. In fact, many tourists plan their vacations according to the time of occurrence of these fairs.

The fairs and festivals of India are held according to the lunar calendar. During these colorful events people of all sects, castes and religions come together and join in the revelry. Processions are held, prayers are offered, gifts are exchanged and people dance and sing during these multicolored events.

Some of the major fairs and festivals in India are

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