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Uttar Pradesh Forts and Palaces Madhya Pradesh Forts and Palaces Gujarat Forts and Palaces

Of all the monuments in India, forts and palaces are the most fascinating. Most of the Indian forts were built as a defense mechanism to keep the enemy away. The state of Rajasthan is home to numerous forts and palaces. Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh are also not far behind. In fact, whole India is dotted with forts of varied sizes. Notable features about each of them are the exquisite carving work that has survived till date.

Rajasthan- Besides being exemplary architectural wonders, they are the setting for the various historic and dramatic episodes and wars waged here. The extensive use of marbles, stain glass, gold and silver and metal inlaid work makes the palaces breathtaking sights. The forts of the state were constructed to be impregnable garrisons.

Delhi- Is an ancient city. Like their forerunners, the British also contributed many famous monuments in Delhi. The greatest and still functional is the evergreen architecture of Edward Lutyens. The grandiose colonial buildings built by the rulers of the medieval period of history can easily be counted as a part of the famous monuments of Delhi.

Uttar Pradesh- Uttar Pradesh has a very vibrant history. It has been ruled by numerous dynasties in the course of History. That is why Uttar Pradesh has no dearth when it comes to forts and palaces.

Madhya Pradesh- As an important state, Madhya Pradesh forms an indispensable part of Indian heritage. Significantly, it boasts many forts and palaces that make it an abode worth visiting.

Andhra Pradesh-The city is famous for the Monuments that reflect the charm of the Nizams. These Monuments in Hyderabad are exemplary works of architecture of the past.

Tamil Nadu- Has some very wonderful forts from the recent history. The British established their first major fort here. Tamil Nadu is decorated with many amazing forts that date back to the ancient period. In all, these forts and palaces where established in the 17th to 18th century.

Gujarat- The Forts and Palaces in Gujarat have an impressive architectural monuments and the historical background. Hindu, Islamic and European architecture is the grace of the ancient forts in Gujarat.

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