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India is so vast that the climatic conditions in the far North have little relation to those of South. Weather in India varied from moderate to the extreme of climates. India experiences seasonal cycles compared to other countries of the world.

Differing Weather in India

Weather in India

In the Northern part of India the winters are severe, the Himalayan ranges experience snowfall. The winter is very severe in the Northern part of India during the months of November to January.

In the Southern India the heat is very warm and soothing. Extreme hot weather can be seen in the equatorial regions of the earth. Throughout the year, the temperature remains very warm in these equatorial locations. The climate in equatorial regions is also characterized with a very damp and humid weather. The amount of rainfall is also very high throughout the year. Sometimes the temperature falls a little (only about 3 degrees of Celsius) in the winter months.

The rainfall during July, August and September is heavy all throughout the country. It is the monsoon season. Then rains are there in the post-monsoon season as well. In winters also the country experiences rainfall. It is the retreating monsoon. Blowing from cold to warmer regions, the monsoon winds move from the land toward the sea in winter and from the sea toward land in the summer.

Differing Weather in India

The cold weather season begins with November in north India and by the beginning of December the whole country comes under its grip. The landmass of Asia, including the sub-continent, cools down very rapidly. The 3 reasons for excessive cold in Northern India are

States like Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan being far away from the moderating influence of sea experience continental climate.

The snowfall in the nearly Himalayan ranges create cold wave situation.

Around February, the cold winds coming from Caspian Sea and Turkmenistan bring cold wave along with frost and fog over N. Western part of India.

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