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Come and meet the animals in India! When it comes to Wildlife, India has a rich and diverse variety owing to its climate, topography, terrain and the surroundings. A major part of the land of India is covered with forests thereby  making it a perfect place for animals to live in. India's national parks and sanctuaries are considered vital to the conservation of endangered species: Bengal tiger, the Asiatic Elephant, Lion, the Snow Leopard and Siberian Crane.

India has about 59 National Parks and 372 sanctuaries all spread in different regions of the country. The Tiger is the spirit of the Indian jungle. India wildlife tourism includes wildlife photography, Eco-tourism and wildlife conservation. With over 1200 species of birds and 350 mammals; nearly 30000 different kinds of insects and more than 15000 varieties of plants, India is rich and diverse in terms of flora and funa.

The best way to explore the jungle and its wilderness is a Jungle Safari. Whether traveling in a jeep or sitting on the back of an Elephant or even a boat, it is indeed the best way to explore the dense, deep jungles and the vivid wildlife within. Visit India and get ready for a thrilling wildlife tour!

Some of the famous Wildlife sanctuaries in India are

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